Cruising in the Caribbean: Part 2

Last week I wrote about the first half of our cruise, which you can read all about here!! Today I’m going to talk about the second half of our cruise which docked in Belize and Honduras. These were two countries I’d never been to before so I was extremely excited to visit both places!

We didn’t book any sort of excursion in Belize, so instead Cory, Eric (my brother), and I decided to walk around the city instead. Truthfully, out of the 3 places we stopped, Belize was probably my least favorite. That could partly be because we didn’t book an excursion, but regardless, there wasn’t much to do or see in the actual port of Belize. Basically, there was a small shopping center, some restaurants, and street vendors. The whole area is gated and it’s recommended that you stay within the gates because it’s more dangerous outside of the walls. So if you go to Belize, I would recommend trying an excursion. Although this stop wasn’t my favorite, I love seeing new counties and was happy to visit this one!

Our last stop was Mahogany Bay, Honduras. My whole family went on a snorkeling excursion together and the place we went was extremely neat. The area that we snorkeled in had this HUGE drop off a couple of hundred feet out, that was incredibly cool to see, but was also kind of creepy. Picture yourself swimming along looking at coral and fish and then it just drops off so deep that you can’t see the bottom of the ocean. We decided we had snorkeled enough at that point and turned around and headed back. The place also had a little outdoor zoo so we got to see some animals and Cory even made friends with one of the monkeys.

You might be wondering how we went on a 7-day cruise, but only stopped at 3 countries. Well, it takes some time to get from Galveston, which is where we boarded the ship, to the other 3 countries and back. Here is the schedule of our 7 days:

Sunday: Got on the ship in Galveston
Monday: Sail Day
Tuesday: Cozumel
Wednesday: Belize
Thursday: Honduras
Friday: Sail Day
Saturday: Sail Day
Sunday: Got off the ship in Galveston

As you can see above, we had 3 days completely on the ship without stopping anywhere. Luckily there is so much to do on the ship that you don’t get bored. Some of the things we did on these days were hang by the pool, go to the spa, play bingo (my favorite… haha), watch movies (they had a 4-D movie theater), and eat a lot of food!

Overall, we had SUCH a fantastic trip! Cory’s first cruise was definitely a success! We came home with 3 new ornaments to add to our travel tree, minor sunburns, extra full bellies and lots of memories! If you’d like to read part one of our cruise you can click here!


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  1. Great pictures – and yes…Belize City is tough unless you take a tour. You missed a ton! Definitely need to make it back to the country – it's SO great 🙂

  2. This is awesome! My husband and I are wanting to take a cruise within the next year but haven't decided where to yet! I loved your outfits for the whole trip! I especially love those blue earrings you wore in the last pic! 🙂

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