Friday Favorites No. 3

Happy Friday everyone!!!! This week has been a pretty good one! Cory has worked some late hours, but it’s allowed me to get a lot of cleaning done. (Which our house needed! Haha!) On a side note: does anyone use essential oils? I got some like 6 months ago and still have no idea what to do with them!! Haha! Any advice would help!!! 
Here are some of my favorites from this week… 
No. 1

Braids! Braids! Braids! There is something about braids that just makes me really happy. (They are also a favorite for Cory so I am always trying to find a new braid on Youtube to try.) One of my friends, Tracy Melton, and I had a hair play date so she could try out some new hairstyles and I am in love what she did! I’m not sure if I can recreate these, but I’ll keep you updated once I try! Haha! 
Hair Braids
Hair braiding

No. 2

I am so proud of my husband and how hard he works every day at his job. Last week I went up to their office to watch them film an episode for season 2 of their TV show and it was SO funny! I can’t wait to watch The Dude Perfect Show season 2, which will premier on Nickelodeon later this year! I’m a proud wife for sure!
Dude Perfect
Dude Perfect filming
The Dude Perfect Show filming
No. 3
I am so excited for Spring time and have already started some Spring shopping!! I purchased this clutch because I thought it was absolutely precious!!! It’s also a great price and will be the perfect touch of color to any outfit in the upcoming months!!! P.S… The first time I tried to buy this bag it was sold out, so make sure to buy it soon!!!
No. 4

Cory and I recently took a trip to Colorado for a good friend’s wedding. It was an absolutely GORGEOUS setting and God was definitely glorified the entire weekend, however, I would be lying if I said it was a perfect weekend for Cory and I. We had multiple flight delays, car rental troubles, and I got sick, BUT we also got to play in the snow, spend time with friends, and watch the sweetest couple get married so overall, it was an awesome weekend!
Amy Cotton playing in the snow
Friends in Colorado
Colorado wedding
Amy and Cory in Colorado
Colorado wedding
The Bride

Hugging the bride

No. 5
My mom gave me The Magnolia Story for Christmas and it is so good! Cory and I are obsessed with the show ‘Fixer Upper,’ so getting to read about Chip and Joanna’s life has been SUPER interesting. If you are not a reader they also have an audiobook and Chip and Joanna are the ones that read the book, which I thought was a cool touch. I’m almost done with the book, so let me know any book recommendations that I should read next. 

The Magnolia Story
I hope everyone has a great weekend!!!
Amy Cotton

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  1. Those braids give me all the heart eyes! My husband loves braids too…it must be a guy thing haha! Hate to hear that about your weekend in Colorado, but glad you got to see your friends and enjoy the wedding. The pictures are so cute! Also, we love Fixer Upper! Happy weekend! 🙂

  2. Those braids are amazing!The color of your hair and your highlights accentuate their styling perfectly. I absolutely can't do anything fancy with my hair no matter how hard I try, so major hair envy.

  3. Your braids are GORGEOUS!!! Having a friend help with your hair must be so nice! For your essential oils question: Do you have a diffuser? I diffuse my oils and they make the house smell really nice. I usually do lemon in our room and it makes things smell so clean!! You can also dilute them in coconut oil and rub them on your feet if you have trouble sleeping. Lavender is a great one to do this with. I also clean with them! I put a little bit of Thieves on a wet rag when I dust and it helps shine up our wood.

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