Friday Favorites No. 8

Yay for Friday!!!!!!

I haven’t blogged in a while, so I can’t wait to update yall on some fun things we’ve been up to! Here are my top 5 current favorite life happenings…

1. Because the weather has been SO amazing lately (minus the few storms we’ve had), Cory and I are purposefully trying to do a lot of things outdoors before it gets uncomfortably hot! Last weekend we went to the Dallas Arboretum for a picnic with some friends, which was so much fun. They had the absolute perfect picnic hill that overlooked White Rock Lake and it was so beautiful. We will definitely be spending more time at the Arboretum this Summer for more picnics and concerts!!

2. I mentioned here that I was going to a cooking class with my parents and I wanted to let yall know how it went!! So we went to the cooking school at Central Market and it was SO great! I’ve been to a couple cooking classes before, but not at Central Market. The way it works is the instructors teach you how to cook your entire meal (salad, main dish, sides, and dessert), and when finished, you sit down at a table with everyone from the class and eat everything together! It was super hands on and the food was delicious! My favorite part of the meal was the blackened steak with Gorgonzola butter on top! It seriously was SO amazing! If you’ve never done a cooking class before you should check them out! They’re perfect to do with groups of people or for dates! (Unfortunately, Cory couldn’t make it because he had to work.)

3. I just started a class that my church has called Apples of Gold, which is a ministry that older women from our church put on for newly married wives. We meet once a week and learn how to cook a complete meal from one of the older women, have a bible study on topics such as submission and hospitality, and then all sit down and eat the food that was prepared. Apples of Gold nights have turned into something that I really look forward to every week! I wanted to share the sweetest Easter table setting that was at one of the houses we had dinner at. I’m obsessed with the bunny ear napkin rings! Aren’t they just precious?

4. Again on our outdoor kick, Cory and I went to White Rock Lake for a little hiking and hammocking. (When I say hiking, what I really mean is walking! Haha!) If you need somewhere in the Dallas area to go on walks or a bike ride I would highly recommend White Rock! It is definitely a nice change in scenery from up where we live in Frisco!

5. Thanks to the recommendation from our foundation group leader, Cory and I had lunch at the BEST patio in town at a restaurant called Mesero! Seriously, you don’t feel like your in Dallas anymore! If you want to check it out it’s the location off of Beltline! Yum!


Well, that’s all! I hope everyone has a great weekend!
Amy Cotton

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  1. Oh my gosh, you've listed all of my favorites here, too! We need to be friends 🙂 I grew up in Dallas, and the Arboretum and White Rock Lake were two of my favorite places to go as a kid! Every Christmas morning, my dad would run around the lake, and my sister and I would bike beside him before we went home to open presents 😉

    I'm thinking of trying a cooking class at the Central Market down here in Austin! Good to hear your positive review. And I'm REALLY happy to hear that you get to sit down at the end to eat – because that's what makes cooking so much fun, haha!

    Happy Friday, pretty!

  2. OOO I'll have to check out Mesero! I was just telling someone else that I really need to get to White Rock Lake on one of my free weekends. I haven't been to the Arboretum yet so I'll have to check that out too. Have a great weekend!

  3. Apples of Gold sounds like such a sweet idea, I want to mention that idea to our church! I took a cooking class with my best friend from college and her mom last weekend and we had a blast… I definitely want to do it again! Happy Monday 🙂

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