Our Disney World Guide: Part 1

When Cory told me that he had two weeks off of work for Christmas break I was incredibly excited and knew we needed to plan a trip together. We eventually decided on Disney World and let me tell you, it’s still incredibly fun as an adult!
Our flight was originally set for 6:00 am Monday morning (I know… super early, but we had plans to go to Universal Studios that same day so I knew we needed to get there asap). We woke up at 2:30 am, left our house at 3:30, got to the airport at 4:00, got on the airplane at 5:30… and then didn’t take off until 10:00 am. Yep, our flight was delayed for 4 hours. Fortunately, our plane was only about 25% full so Cory and I both had a whole row to ourselves to stretch out and take a short nap. Because of our delay, we had a much shorter time to spend at Universal Studios, but it worked out fine!

Whether you’ve been to Disney World in the past, or would like to plan a trip in the future, I hope the specifics I’m about to share will either remind you of fun times or be helpful advice for an upcoming trip.

Amy and Cory Cotton at Universal Studios
Inside Universal Studios is the new Harry Potter World, which includes things like Diagon Alley, the Hogwarts Castle, Hogsmeade, and the Hogwarts Express. Prior to our trip we watched the 1st and 2ndHarry Potter movies because Cory hadn’t seen ANY of them and he “wanted to have an emotional connection to Harry Potter” haha. He’s now somewhat obsessed and we have the whole series recorded on our TV. Haha! One of our favorite rides from the whole trip was Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey. It was inside the huge Hogwarts castle they had built and it was extremely cool because it made you feel like you were flying over Hogwarts. I’m not even the biggest Harry Potter fan, but I’m so glad we checked it all out because it was really neat to see everything!
Amy Cotton at Hogwarts Express
Cory Cotton at Hogwarts Express

Some other fun rides we did at Universal Studios were the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit Roller Coaster, Despicable Me: Minion Mayhem, and Shrek 4-D. Next time we go back to Orlando we definitely want to spend more time at Universal Studios because we felt a little rushed!

***A little tip for anyone going to Disney World or Universal Studios- get the most comfortable shoes that you can find. Ya’ll, I didn’t know if it was my shoes or if I was just tired, but after day one, my feet have never hurt so bad. I tried wearing different shoes (my Birkenstock sandals) for the remainder of the trip and I felt fine! 

Amy and Cory Cotton with a minion at Universal Studios
On day 2 we went to Epcot! It was hard to get out of bed after our 2:30 am wake up call the day before, so we slept in a little… maybe a little too much because Cory and I ended up MISSING our first fast pass reservation! Whoops!

***A fast pass is basically a pass you can reserve before your trip that allows you to wait in a shorter line for certain rides or shows. They help tremendously, but the catch is that you can only reserve 3 fast passes per day.
Amy and Cory Cotton at Epcot at Disney World
Amy and Cory Cotton at Epcot at Disney World

One thing Cory and I learned about ourselves during our Disney trip was that we are NOT good with simulation rides. The first one we went on was at Epcot and it was called Mission Space. You sit in this claustrophobic shuttle simulator and watch yourself on a tiny screen as you are rocketed into Space to land on Mars. Only 4 people can fit inside your shuttle so you can imagine the small space we were in. We both despised it (not an exaggeration) and had to sit on a bench for about 20 minutes afterwards because we felt sick. We should have taken the hint when a voice came over the intercom and said something like, “If you begin to feel dizzy, do not close your eyes, or look at another passenger’s screen. Keep your eyes looking strait ahead the ENTIRE time.” We chalked it up to a lesson learned haha. That being said, we will not be going back to Mission Space any time soon.

Amy and Cory Cotton with Anna and Elsa from Frozen at Disney World
Amy Cotton with Anna from Frozen at Disney World
Amy and Cory Cotton with Mickey and Minnie Mouse at Disney World
Amy and Cory Cotton with Minnie Mouse at Disney World
Amy and Cory Cotton with Big Hero 6 at Disney World

Overall, we loved Epcot. Some of the other rides we went on were Soarin’, Spaceship Earth, and Frozen Ever After. Epcot also had the most amazing firework show and food. Epcot is divided into different parts of the world so you can see and experience different cultures. We had lunch at a place called La Cantina de San Angel, which was Mexican, and dinner at Chefs de France, which was French. The other countries included in the World Showcase are Norway, China, Germany, Italy, United States, Japan, Morocco, United Kingdom, and Canada. It’s a small world after all!

Amy and Cory Cotton at Epcot at Disney World
Have you ever been to Universal Studios or Disney’s Epcot? What were your favorite and least favorite rides? Comment below!! Stay tuned for our experience at the other Disney parks!
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  1. I think my favorite part of Disney World is just the view down Main Street with the castle at the end. And I also really like the Haunted Mansion.

  2. Glad you loved Disney World! It is by far my favorite place to travel. I was proposed at Disney World and we Honeymooned there. Let's say it's the happiest place on the planet.

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