Our Disney World Guide: Part 2

Like I said last time, the hubby and I began our Orlando trip at Universal Studios and Epcot, which you can read all about here. This blog will explore the second half of our trip, our time at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom.
But first, I’ve got to start by telling you a funny story. One morning we were eating breakfast at one of the restaurants in our hotel. A mom came up to Cory and this is the conversation that followed…
The mom: “Are you Cory?”
Cory: “Yes”
The mom: “So you’re Cottonball?”
Cory: “Um…yessss?”
A lot of random people come up to Cory because they recognize him from Dude Perfect. Well this mom was a little confused by our last name, so she referred to him as a ‘Cottonball’ instead of a ‘Cotton’. Haha! Awkward.
Amy and Cory Cotton at Disney World
Anyways, some of the things we did at Magic Kingdom were Space Mountain (scary, but also incredibly fun), Mickey’s Philar Magic (short line and fun, definitely underrated), It’s a Small World (not one of Cory’s favorites, but I thought it was extremely cute), Monsters Inc. Laugh Floor, Peter Pan’s Flight, and The Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.
Love Amy CottonAmy and Cory Cotton in Magic Kingdom at Disney World

Cory also participated in a show called Enchanted Tales With Belle. It was basically a reenactment of Beauty and the Beast in front of a live audience. (about 20 people haha) Cory was plucked from the audience and made his debut as the guard of the castle, and he did amazing. It was a proud wife moment for sure. 

Cory Cotton during Beauty and the Beast reenactment Cory Cotton during Beauty and the Beast reenactment Cory Cotton during Beauty and the Beast reenactment

We also snagged a lunch reservation at Be Our Guest, which is the Beast’s enchanted castle. It was really cool inside and the food was pretty good!

Amy Cotton at the Beast's Castle at Disney World
Magic Kingdom at Disney World
(confession: it took a while to get this perfect shot)

We chose to eat dinner back at our hotel at a restaurant called Narcosse’s. Cory and I both had lobster and it was amazing. It was also perfect because we could watch the Magic Kingdom fireworks strait from the deck of the restaurant.

Side note: If you ever go to Disney World I would highly recommend staying at our hotel, The Grand Floridian. It’s a great location and has incredible food options.

On our final day at Disney World, we split our time between Hollywood Studios and Animal Kingdom. We got to Hollywood Studios at 8 a.m. (an hour before the official opening) because of something called “Extra Magic Hours.” Extra Magic Hours allow you to get in the park before the general public if you’re staying at a Disney Resort. I am so glad we took advantage of the extra hours because we got to ride multiple rides in a really short amount of time.
Amy and Cory Cotton at Hollywood StudiosAmy and Cory Cotton in front of Tower of Terror
Amy and Cory Cotton at Hollywood Studios
One of our absolute favorite rides was at Hollywood Studios and it was Toy Story Mania. It was a super interactive ride/game where you compete with the person next to you to see who can shoot the most targets. This is a must if you go to Disney World. (In case you were wondering… Cory beat me!)
We also went on the Tower of Terror, Rock and Rollercoaster, Star Tours, and saw Beauty and the Beast the live show. All of these were great except for Star Tours. Star Tours was based off Star Wars, and it was another 3-D motion-simulated space flight, which Cory and I just didn’t love (Cory would like to emphasize that he is a huge Star Wars fan, but simply doesn’t have the stomach for the simulation rides).
Cory and Amy Cotton with Olaf from Frozen
Amy and Cory Cotton with Monsters Inc characterCory and Amy Cotton kissing We ate lunch at 50’s Prime Time Café, which was themed as if you’re eating in a vintage 50’s kitchen. This is the description of the restaurant:
Bring your appetite and your sense of humor, because Mom and the extended family aren’t above giving you lessons in table etiquette—and doling out punishment to misbehaving boys and girls.”
I don’t think I read this before going because it made me a little uncomfortable when the waitress repeatedly got mad at Cory for having his elbows on the table. Haha!

After lunch we took a bus to Animal Kingdom, which was the last stop of our trip. Our first fast pass was for Expedition Everest, which was probably our favorite roller coaster from all of the parks. Our second fast pass was for Kilimanjaro Safaris. The Safari lasted for about 15-20 minutes and you ride in an open-air safari jeep while looking at all different kinds of animals on over 100 acres of land. Cory and I loved it! Our last ride was Dinosaur. It was fine, but the ride got stuck and we sat for about 5 minutes under a T-Rex (scary haha!). Other than that, it was a fantastic day and might have been our favorite one from the trip.

Cory and Amy Cotton at Animal Kingdom
Cory and Amy Cotton on ride at Animal Kingdom

Overall we had an incredible time at Disney World. It definitely wasn’t a particularly relaxing vacation, but it did make me feel like a kid again! If you are planning a Disney trip in the future and have any questions or need any recommendations, let me know! It was a blast and I can’t wait to go back again in the future!

Comment below your favorite Disney Park and ride!!!

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  1. Hi!!! I am so excited for you. You will have so much fun! We went to quite a few gift shops inside the Disney parks and they all have about the same products at the same prices!! Good luck!

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