What’s Up Wednesday: April 2017

Can you believe it’s the last week of April?!? I definitely can’t! I’ve been having trouble keeping up with the blog lately, so it’s perfect timing to jump into What’s Up Wednesday to talk about everything we’ve been up to lately!!

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1.    What we’re eating this week:

Last night I made Cilantro Lime Chicken with Avocado Salsa for the first time and let me tell ya’ll… it was SO good!!! It tasted so fresh and will definitely be something I make again. I also made these delicious breakfast bowls that I stored in the refrigerator and can easily be re-heated throughout the week.

**Instead of grilling the chicken I seared each side on the stove top for about 4 minutes each and then put it in the oven in a cast iron skillet for about 20 min. Just make sure you cut one or two pieces of chicken to make sure they aren’t pink on the inside.

2.    What I’m reminiscing about:

This Easter was special because it was Cory and my first Easter as a married couple! We went to our church Easter morning and I love what our pastor said,

“Religion says, ‘You’ve got to work to get rid of guilt’… Christianity says, ‘It is finished.'”

What a great reminder that when Jesus died on the cross it was FINISHED. So many religions teach that you have to work your way into heaven, but if that were true, how could anyone get into heaven? We are all sinners and would never be good enough to get into a perfect heaven. As a Christian, we believe Jesus was our payment into Heaven. If you believe in Jesus Christ and confess him as your Savior than you are saved and are going to heaven. How amazing is that? We worship a very loving God.

Here’s a great article to read if you have any questions about this topic.

3.    What I’m loving:
Bahama Bucks!!! Okay, let’s be real.. I’ve always loved Bahama Bucks, but since it’s getting warmer outside I feel like I have an excuse to go more frequently! Haha!

4.    What we’ve been up to:

Last weekend I got to go with Cory to Ridgedale, Missouri for their Bass Pro Shop work trip. We stayed at Big Cedar Lodge and it was incredible. The hotel itself felt like an extremely nice log cabin with the most beautiful views of Table Rock Lake. Unfortunately, it rained almost the entire time we were there so we had to find things indoors to do, which wasn’t the easiest thing since it’s a very ‘out-doorsy’ place where people hunt, fish, hike, ect. Luckily, Big Cedar Lodge had the most amazing spa that we went to 2 out of the 4 days we were there! I loved it! (So did Cory!) Haha!

We also drove to Branson one day and went to an Escape Room and successfully completed 2 different rooms! I had never done one of these before, but it was super fun!

One of the beautiful chapels at Top Of The Rock
Inside the Big Cedar Lodge Spa
I had to snap a picture of a wedding we walked into in our hotel lobby!
5.    What I’m dreading:

Nothing really!!

6.    What I’m working on:

Eating healthier and working out more!

7.    What I’m excited about:

We are going on our family cruise in just 3 short weeks! Cory and I are so excited because he’s never been on a cruise before AND we just love vacations! YAY!

8.    What I’m watching:
Cory and I are really into documentaries and I’ve watched a couple lately that really convicted me. (I mean how can you watch a documentary and not be convicted of something? Haha!) Three that I’ve watched recently are Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 1, Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2, and The Human Experiment.

Fat Sick & Nearly Dead follows an overweight man who decides to start juicing and only drink juice for 60 days. Over the course of 60 days he lost over 100 pounds. Crazy!!! Fat Sick & Nearly Dead 2 continues to tell the story of more people deciding to juice and reboot their health. Though I probably won’t give up all foods and solely drink juice, I did use my juicer for the first time that night! Haha… It’s definitely something I want to do more often.

The Human Experiment was about the amount of chemicals in consumer products. While I didn’t pay attention to a lot of the documentary, I did walk away knowing I want to start using more natural products in our home. A couple of months ago I replaced most of our cleaning products with all natural products, and now I’m looking to see if there are better alternatives to other products as well. Does anyone else use only natural products in their home? What are you favorite things to use?

9.    What I’m listening to:

I’m loving this song that we sang at our church on Easter!

10. What I’m wearing
I recently went into Madewell and was instantly obsessed with everything they currently have in their store. I bought this, this, and this. So cute!!

11. What I’m doing this weekend

This weekend Cory and I are going on a triple date with some friends to a soccer game! I’m not normally a huge soccer fan, but with friends it should be really fun! Haha!

12. What I’m looking forward to next month
Our cruise that I mentioned above!!! I can’t wait!!
13. What else is new


When I saw that Starbucks was releasing a limited time Unicorn Frappucino I knew I obviously had to try it! Was it amazing? No. Would I try it again? No. Was it pretty? Yes! Haha!

How cute is my friend?!

Have a great Wednesday!!!

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  1. I will most DEFINITELY be saving that cilantro lime chicken recipe! Yum! Glad Easter was perfect and the so cute that it was the first as a married couple – love that! I hope ya'll have a fabulous rest of the week and thanks for linking up today! xo

  2. Oh my gosh….Table Rock Lake! I worked at Kanakuk Kamp when I was in college & it is in the Branson area & our camp was right on Table Rock Lake..so many memories!
    Thanks for linking up with us for What's Up Wednesday! 🙂

  3. I want to watch that Fat Sick and Nearly Dead show now. Sounds very interesting. I wanted to try the Unicorn drink, but I didn't want to pay for it. I heard they will be releasing a dragon one which is green tea, vanilla and then some sour swirl in it. That chicken looks really good and I hope to try it.

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