What’s Up Wednesday: February 2017

1.    What we’re eating this week:
I got Cory and I a shared Valentine’s present. (That’s a thing right? Haha) We both love cheese and chocolate fondue, so I got us this new fondue pot. Last night we finally tried it out and it was amazing!!!


Cheddar Cheese Fondue Ingredients:
4 ounces beer or 4 ounces skim milk or 4 ounces broth (We used skim milk.)
1 teaspoon chopped garlic
6 ounces cheddar cheese
mustard powder
worcestershire sauce

Chocolate S’mores Fondue Ingredients:
8 ounces milk chocolate, finely chopped
2 teaspoons marshmallow creme
2 tablespoons 151 rum (We actually substituted this with heavy cream because that’s what we had at the house)
1/4 cup graham crackers crumbs

2.    What I’m reminiscing about:
A couple of weeks ago, I blogged about how Cory and I took a trip to Disney World just the two of us! You can read about that here and here. We seriously had SO much fun and it will be a forever memory that we got to share together!
Magic Kingdom at Disney World
3.    What I’m loving:
I recently threw out most of our cleaning supplies and decided to get all natural brands instead! All of the products smell SO much better than the ones I had before and work just as well. My favorite brands are Mrs. Meyers, The Honest Company, Seventh Generation, and Method. I love them all!

Natural Cleaning Supplies
4.    What we’ve been up to:

We’ve been meeting lots of new babies lately, which I LOVE! Two of our friend’s just had babies and another recently adopted a little boy! They are also so unbelievably precious.

5.    What I’m dreading:


6.    What I’m working on:

Moving into our house has been a major project! You can see our kitchen reveal here. I’ve been working on organizing and decorating Cory’s home office, which has been a huge undertaking because we initially placed everything that we didn’t have a place for in his office! Haha! It’s almost done and I’m excited to share it with you soon.

7.    What I’m excited about

My parents just booked a Summer cruise for our family and I am SO pumped!!! We’ve been on a lot of cruises as a family, but this will be my first cruise with Cory and I can’t wait!

8.    What I’m watching/reading:
We are SO hooked on This Is Us. I wrote about it in a previous post, and it has only gotten better since then.

This IS Us
Cory and I just started reading The Meaning of Marriage by Tim Keller and it’s been awesome so far.

The girls in my community group are reading What It’s Like To Be Married To Me.

Favorite books i'm reading
9.    What I’m listening to:
I am absolutely loving the new Passion album that just came out! My favorite song is “Worthy of Your Name,” but they’re all amazing!

10. What I’m wearing
These are two tops I recently got and love! They are both perfect for Spring and I can’t wait to wear them with jeans and booties!


You can shop this top here!                               You can shop this top here!
11. What I’m doing this weekend

Cory and some of the other guys in Dude Perfect are speaking at an event this weekend called After Dark! There will be awesome music and a message from Joe White called, “Is Jesus Relevant Today?” I can’t wait to watch and support my hubby!
Dude Perfect at After Dark
12. What I’m looking forward to next month
Next month is my birthday!! I’m not sure if I actually love getting older, but I do love birthdays, so I am excited for it!
13. What else is new




I think that just about covers it!!

14. Bonus Question: What is your favorite beauty product?

I’m not sure what I did before I started using this primer. It’s my favorite!!!

Smashbox Primer

Have a great Wednesday!!!

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  1. That fondue pot looks incredible! I almost bought one for an at home Valentine's date but we ended up going out lol. I have never been to Disney, which I'm so sad about, but we are planning a big Disney trip with my husband's family for next January and I am beyond excited! I have definitely been on the whole natural cleaning products kick lately, too! Those products are definitely some of my favorites as well. I have been looking into making my own laundry detergent but haven't found a good one that I like yet. Mrs. Meyers is the best! We went on a cruise to celebrate our one year wedding anniversary this past November and loved it!

  2. I love that primer too! It makes everything look flawless. What is on your wishlist for your birthday? I am always curious to see what other people are wanting for their birthdays 🙂

  3. We did at-home fondue for our Valentine's dinner! Cheese and chocolate both 🙂 BUT, we had a four-year-old joining in 😉 Also – husby and I also honeymooned at the Four Seasons in Bora Bora!! This was the dark ages though (2009, pre Pinterest, pre Instagram, and pre good iPhone cameras) so I totally DO NOT have the same documentation and I'm bumming about it!! We'll just have to go back 😉

  4. I LOVE Mrs. Meyers products, they smell amazing, I agree! Also, my husband and are so hooked on This Is Us… I have avoided watching this week's episode because I know I will end up crying a bucket of tears but it's such a wonderful show. Happy Thursday 🙂

  5. Mrs. Meyers and Honest Company are my favorite products to use too. They smell so good! 🙂 My hubs and I are also really into This is Us! This latest episode had me feeling ALL the feels! I'm so curious to know how Jack passed away.

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